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Press Release: ECM Newspapers across the 8th district: ‘Edge goes to Stauber based on his broader, more diverse life experiences’

HERMANTOWN – Representing newspapers throughout the 8th congressional district, the Adams Publishing-ECM editorial board today endorsed Pete Stauber for Congress to represent the vast 18-county district in northeastern Minnesota.

“Frankly, he would stand well for office based on his own policies and his own presentation of those policies,” the newspapers said in their endorsement editorial. “The President could learn a great deal by carrying his message with the attitude of candidate Stauber.”

The editorial highlighted Joe Radinovich’s reckless position for a government takeover of health care that would cost Minnesota families thousands and thousands of dollars more each year, abolish employer-based coverage, and kick seniors and veterans off their healthcare altogether. “Radinovich supports a single-payer health care system, the cost of which is estimated to be $34 trillion,” the editorial said.

The editorial also lauded Stauber’s career in law enforcement and highlighted his character, something that is a centerpoint of the Stauber campaign. While Radinovich has expressed frustration that Pete highlights his life experiences that include 23 years in law enforcement and taking care of all four children while his wife, Jodi, was fighting overseas in Iraq, Stauber believes those experiences have helped shape his values and why he wants to fight in Congress to ensure our future generations have the same hopes, dreams, and opportunities.”

“Stauber, 52, played a few years of professional hockey before becoming a dedicated public servant with a long career in law enforcement,” the editorial board said. “He eventually served as both the president of the Law Enforcement Labor Services Union, Local 363 and as an area commander with the Duluth Police Department.

“in our opinion, the edge goes to Stauber based on his broader, more diverse life experiences.”

The Adams Publishing Group and ECM Newspapers represents dozens of newspapers throughout the 8th district.

You can read the entire editorial endorsement here.