Condemn Bigoted Liberal Religious Attacks

Tell Joe Donnelly: Condemn the bigoted anti-Catholic attacks made by his liberal allies.

Stand with Luke and condemn liberal Senators Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin for their “anti-religious” remarks made against fellow Hoosier and Notre Dame Professor Amy Coney Barrett. Bigotry targeted at someone’s religion is beyond the pale – sign the petition and tell Senator Joe Donnelly to condemn these attacks.

Show your support for Tax Reform. President Trump is right. American workers need a raise. Sign the Petition.

I stand with President Trump’s plan to cut taxes, but liberal Senators like Elizabeth Warren and Joe Donnelly are trying to stop it. President Trump’s plan will cut taxes, simplify the tax code, create more jobs, raise wages, and bring back the trillions in wealth currently parked overseas. We need to get this done. Sign the petition, and show your support for President Trump’s tax reform plan.

Stand Up for the National Anthem. Sign the Petition: Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

The latest liberal outrage is directed at my good friend, Vice President Mike Pence. I want to tell the Vice President that we have a team of patriots who agree we must stand for the flag that unites us all as Americans. Will you sign the petition?

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