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ICYMI: Duluth News Tribune: Our View / Endorsement: Stauber has unbeatable qualifications

HERMANTOWN, MN  – Tuesday, the News Tribune Editorial Board endorsed Pete Stauber for Congress. To read the article, click here.

“Pete Stauber was a Duluth police officer for 23 years. He was a Hermantown city councilor for eight years. He’s serving his second term as an elected member of the St. Louis County Board. He was a union organizer and union president. And he’s a business owner; he and his brothers started the Duluth Hockey Company 28 years ago.”

“I have a passion to serve,” Stauber said in a candidate-screening interview this month with News Tribune Editorial Board members. “Even though I’m only 52 years old, I feel like I’m racing Father Time to make sure I can bring the country to the middle where it should be. That’s how I’ve governed, and that’s how I will govern. I see a lot of dysfunction, a lot of division in Washington. The divisiveness is unbelievable. We feel it in America. It needs to end.”

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the old, worn-out, tired argument that it’s just for the rich, etc., I don’t buy that at all. If you look at the 8th District, (Republican tax cuts returned) $1,733 per taxpayer. That’s real money for this blue-collar, conservative district. To the greatest extent possible, you want to remove those barriers, those redundant overburdened barriers, that are put on our small businesses.”