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ICYMI: Notable News Mentions from Trump’s Visit to Duluth

HERMANTOWN, MN– Friday, the Stauber campaign compiled a list of notable mentions in both local and national news following President Trump’s visit to Duluth mentioning Pete Stauber, Republican candidate fro Congress in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District.

Local News:
Duluth News Tribune: Trump playful in Duluth: Trump wasted little time introducing Pete Stauber, the Hermantown politician and retired Duluth police lieutenant who won the GOP endorsement in the race for the open seat in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. Trump said throughout the speech that more Republicans were needed in Congress to help him complete his agenda. “Pete is a great guy,” Trump said. “You’ve got to get Pete a victory.

Star Tribune: In Duluth, Trump predicts Minnesota win in 2020, talks up mining economy, “He is a great guy, he loves you and he loves this country, and he’s doing fantastically. We’re going to win so much,” Trump said of Stauber.

WCCO: Trump offers enthusiastic endorsement of Pete Stauber, Trump was in Minnesota to back Pete Stauber, a Republican congressional candidate running in a traditionally Democratic district… Trump brought Stauber to the stage and offered an enthusiastic endorsement.

MPR: Trump endorses Pete Stauber, promises to protect miners’ jobs, In the 8th District where he has endorsed Republican candidate Pete Stauber, Trump also talked about protecting miners’ jobs by cracking down on unfair trade. His tariffs are popular in this part of Minnesota that was built on iron ore mining and where some hope new copper-nickel mining will take hold.

KBJR6: President Trump back in Washington following rally in Duluth, “Like President Trump, I love this country, I love our Freedoms, and I love our constitution,” said Stauber, during his brief appearance at the presidential podium

National News:
Roll Call: Why is Trump Headed to Duluth and Who is Pete Stauber? Stauber entered the race last July, well before it was an open-seat race. The St. Louis County Commissioner has been heralded as a top pick for national Republicans.

Washington Times: Republican Pete Stauber campaigns on Trump’s visit to Minnesota: Republican Pete Stauber is campaigning off President Trump’s visit to Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District on Wednesday, and the campaign said the president remains as popular as ever. “The president won the 8th District by almost 16 points and is as popular — if not more popular — now than on Election Day. This event just reaffirms how important this open seat is both to our district and Republicans nationally, and we are excited to be hosting the president in the 8th District today,” said Caroline Tarwid, spokeswoman for the campaign.

FOX News: Pete Stauber- ‘Trump supports our way of life, our miners, our timber producers’

FOX Business: Trump stumps for Pete Stauber in Minnesota

FOX21: Stauber Rally Held Ahead of Trump’s Event, “It was three months ago the president called us on the campaign trail – he called me and talked about what he’s heard on the campaign,” Stauber said. “This is the number one pickup seat for Republicans in the entire country and he says ‘What can I do to help you’ and I said Mr. President, it would be great for you to come up to the district. I want to show you the great people of Northern Minnesota.”

CBS News: Pres. Trump endorses Pete Stauber


WCCO: Pete Stauber: We are getting both Republican and Democratic support in District 8.