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Message from Pete: I’m New Here

Keep the American Economy Moving

For months, Nancy Pelosi’s Congress has been preoccupied with partisan impeachment circuses and sideshows. Now, as we look to a new year, politicians and pundits are claiming we won’t be able to get things done because 2020 is an election year. I know I’m new to Washington, but I reject inside-the-beltway conventional wisdom. Let’s keep America’s economy moving with pro-growth policies that led to record-low unemployment. Rather than enact a socialist agenda that would cripple our economy with a $93 trillion Green New Deal and a $33 trillion Medicare for All scheme, we should be unleashing the economic engine that, in Minnesota, includes clean and robust mining, the Line 3 replacement that would create thousands of jobs, and ensuring health care and broadband is accessible for rural communities. We can do better!

Freedom Must Triumph over Terror

I’m sure you have been following the developments over the past week in the Middle East. We can all agree that foreign policy is a complex issue and that many news reports are not always accurate. Qassim Soleimani was an evil and deadly terrorist responsible for killing hundreds of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Syrians and Iraqi Sunnis. Many believe he was actively in Iraq developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region. The U.S. response was measured, appropriate and made to prevent further attacks on American lives. It’s disappointing, though, that minutes after it was reported Soleimani was killed, leading Democrats called America’s efforts “reckless” and chose to play politics with our foreign policy. As a husband whose wife served overseas, I continue to pray for the brave men and women serving our country and doing all they can to defend freedom.

Enough is Enough

Nancy Pelosi’s Congress has been consumed, even addicted, to the impeachment charade ever since the 2016 election. Even though House Democrats passed the articles of impeachment, I joined the bipartisan opposition to their nonsensical impeachment attempt simply because it was nothing more than an effort to undo the 2016 election and alter the outcome of the 2020 election. During the impeachment circus, Speaker Pelosi told reporters that it’s a “dangerous position” to “let the election decide” President Trump’s fate. Her words speak loudly.

Precinct Caucuses Just 6 Weeks away

About six weeks from now, Minnesotans will have the opportunity to participate in Precinct Caucuses. On Tuesday, Feb. 25, Republicans from around the 8th congressional district will take part in the unofficial kickoff to the 2020 campaign season. I’ll soon be posting additional information on my website highlighting Republican precinct caucus locations as well as BPOU convention dates and venues. Thanks for joining me on the front lines fighting for our way of life!





Pete Stauber