Earlier this year, before the pandemic struck, our economy was churning at historic levels. Thanks to pro-growth policies, unemployment was the lowest it had been since before we landed on the Moon. Small businesses were surging with record optimism. Consumer confidence was at all-time highs. Wages were rapidly rising. Our economy was chugging along as Minnesotans went to work.

Then a global pandemic struck, and many of our businesses were forced to close and our economy shuddered. Despite the pandemic and the state government’s response, we are on the cusp of the great American comeback.

We are recovering, and our economy is rebuilding. We added 9.3 million jobs from May-July, but this is the only beginning. There is still more work to be done. We know how to get our economy moving again, and when we do we will be a stronger, more resilient, and self-reliant country.

Pete appreciates what job creators and small businesses do for our economy. Nearly 30 years ago, Pete teamed up with his brother to fulfill a dream of opening a small business that encompassed one of their passions: hockey. Pete’s small business experience and knowledge are needed in Washington, where we need more people in Congress who have signed the front of the check and not the back.

In Washington, Pete is working alongside President Trump to unleash the economic engine in the 8th district to create jobs and help working families recover. Pete is fighting for projects like the Line 3 replacement and Twin Metals and Polymet that would cause a blue-collar boom across the region.


Our way of life is under assault. Rioting, looting, and lawless behavior have taken over some of our nation’s city streets. Small businesses, national monuments, and even police departments have been destroyed and burnt to the ground while some of our politicians let it happen. And senselessly, we are seeing far too many politicians calling to defund their local police departments. Pete believes we must stop the lawless behavior and anarchy that is attempting to extinguish the very fibers that make America great.

As a retired police officer, Pete Stauber knows what it’s like to put the uniform on, say goodbye to his family, and patrol the streets. He was a victim of two violent gun crimes. He can empathize with the challenges and stress the men and women of our law enforcement face, and he continues to strongly stand with his brothers and sisters in uniform.

In Congress, Pete is working with Senator Tim Scott to champion criminal justice reform that provides law enforcement with the support they need to do their jobs. The JUSTICE Act protects the good cops while weeding out the bad ones. Pete’s bill also provides our law enforcement with the funding and resources needed to keep our communities and families safe.


As a former President of Law Enforcement Labor Services Union, Local 363, Pete Stauber stands with Minnesota workers and has a strong record of fighting in Congress on their behalf. Fighting for our way of life includes standing with Minnesota workers and advocating on their behalf to help ignite a blue-collar boom.

Pete’s support for workers has been recognized by numerous unions this year. Pete has already been endorsed this year by the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 49, Teamsters Joint Council 32, the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters, and the Minnesota Police and Peace officers Association.

In his first term to Congress, Pete’s strong record for Minnesota workers includes:
• Preserving the pensions for 1.3 million Americans by advocating and voting for the Butch-Lewis Act
• Fighting tirelessly for high-wage, union mining jobs by opposing Betty McCollum’s economically reckless anti-mining bill
• Advocating for the Line 3 replacement project that would put thousands of Minnesotans to work and generate an economic boom to the region
• Championing Buy America policies to ensure that projects around the country use American made steel and iron and minerals sourced in northern Minnesota
• Leading in Congress with the Superior National Forest Land Exchange Act, Pete’s very first bill in Congress, which promotes the PolyMet project that would lead to thousands of union jobs and a blue-collar boom

“Rep. Stauber continues to stand up for jobs and economic certainty in northern Minnesota. He represents hardworking, middle-class union members and their families who should be confident that his continued support for good-paying jobs will create opportunity for growth, benefits that will help families prosper, and a great place to live and work.” – Adam Duininck, Director of Government Affairs for the NCSRCC

“Teamsters across the 8th congressional district are proud to stand with Pete Stauber. He has been a staunch supporter of working men and women and we are confident he will continue to be our voice on issues that impact Teamsters. We will do everything we can to encourage our members to cast their vote for Pete Stauber for Congress this fall.” – Lawrence Yoswa, President of Teamsters Joint Council 32

“Pete has been a champion for projects that will provide good-paying union construction jobs. Line 3 replacement, Iron ore mining, logging, PolyMet, Twin Metals, and transportation infrastructure funding are his priority and they are our priorities too. These are the jobs that we need in this state, and there has been no one that has fought harder to bring them to the 8th district than Congressman Stauber. Local 49 is proud to be a union that works to build relationships on both sides of the political aisle.” – Jason George, Local 49 Business Manager


Pete regularly travels around the 18-county 8th congressional district meeting with workers and visiting with business owners. Our workers on the Iron Range and throughout the district can compete with anyone in the world so long as there is a level and fair playing field. Pete always puts Minnesota’s workers, Minnesota’s companies, and Minnesota’s workers first. When we do that, America will win every time.

Pete was proud to work with President Trump to champion the USMCA trade agreement with Canada and Mexico that directly and positively impacts Minnesota’s economy. The trade agreement – which lifts the steel and aluminum tariffs – will benefit Minnesota workers in many sectors including our farmers, miners, manufacturers, and those in the medical industry. Fifty-one percent of Minnesota’s total agriculture and agri-food exports flow to Canada and Mexico.

The bipartisan trade agreement unleashes our economic engine by making new enforceable labor standards a core part of the USMCA. This will help level the playing field for Minnesota workers and improve wages and labor conditions in North America. The trade agreement eliminates Canada’s unfair milk pricing program so Minnesota dairy farmers gain more export opportunities, and also provides poultry producers new access for chicken and egg exports and expanded access for turkey exports.

The best way to rebuild American mining on the Iron Range and manufacturing in Minnesota and across the country is to start to rebuild those communities most harmed by the forces of globalization and the unfair trade practices by China.


Minnesotans want and Americans need high quality, affordable, and accessible health care that is patient-driven and physician-guided, putting individuals in charge of their health care rather than the government.

Minnesotans continue to tell Pete how frustrated they are with health systems that, in our part of the state, lead to skyrocketing premiums or no access at all. Over the first three years of ObamaCare, Minnesotans’ premiums per capita increased 87 percent. That’s unaffordable.

Pete strongly opposes the proposed $33 trillion Medicare for All government-run health care scheme that eliminates personal and private health care insurance for 180 million Americans transferring them to the government-run system. The one-size-fits-all plan would result in the largest tax increase in modern American history and would collapse our current health care system.

In Congress, Pete remains committed to working with Republicans and Democrats on true health care reform that lowers costs and increases access to quality health care by setting up Associated Health Plans, allowing insurance companies to cross state lines, and doing all we can to ensure health insurance is portable and affordable.

When it comes to pre-existing conditions, Pete supports requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. Pete’s son, Isaac, has faced numerous health challenges including a pre-existing condition and Pete knows firsthand the importance of affordable health insurance that covers his son.


After a lifetime of work and raising families, Minnesota seniors deserve every penny of the Medicare and Social Security benefits they earned and were promised.

When it comes to Medicare, one of Pete’s guiding principles is keeping the promises we made to our seniors. This year Medicare celebrated its 37th anniversary. Access to quality health care is vital for a long and healthy retirement. We must save Medicare to avoid disruptions in benefits for our current seniors and strengthen the program for future generations.

Social Security celebrated its 85th anniversary this year. Social Security provides critical benefits to tens of millions of Americans – tens of thousands in Minnesota’s 8th congressional district – including widows and those with disabilities. This issue should be above politics. We need to preserve the Social Security safety net and make sure the program remains solvent for future generations.

In his first term in Congress, Pete never voted to cut Social Security or Medicare. Pete believes these programs are critical and need to be strengthened, not cut. Pete championed the “Social Security Fairness Act,” legislation that repeals two harmful laws that actually reduce benefits.

Pete also championed legislation to provide affordability and ensure accessibility – especially for Minnesotans in rural areas – through the “Lower Costs, More Cures Act” that implements a first-ever Medicare Part D out-of-pocket cap for our seniors. The bill holds drug companies responsible by increasing transparency and closing loopholes to crack down on pharmaceutical companies that take advantage of patients.