2nd Amendment:

I am committed to protecting the Second Amendment which guarantees the right of individual, law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms and will fight any attempts to weaken it.


I support life from conception to natural death and will always be a strong and constant voice for the right to life.


I support high quality, affordable and accessible healthcare which is patient-driven and physician-guided, putting individuals in charge of their healthcare rather than the government.


As a retired law enforcement officer, I believe we need to abide by the laws that are put in place and will support LEGAL immigrants who aspire to live the American dream.


I support iron ore and precious metals mining which employs scientifically- based methods to ensure our environment remains pristine.

Tax Reform:

I support the ongoing efforts to reform our tax code which puts more money into the pockets of our families.


I believe we have no higher commitment than to take care of our active duty military, their families and our veterans.