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Press Release: Joe Radinovich continues Texas two-step during Apology Tour II, refusing to take a clear stand on mining and job growth in the region

HERMANTOWN – In a campaign event today in Virginia, politician Joe Radinovich once again tapdanced around an issue important to voters refusing to make a clear stand on mining and job growth, intentionally deceiving miners and working families in the region.

If Joe Radinovich truly supports miners and good-paying jobs in our part of Minnesota, he should be able to answer these questions with simple answers. Even though Joe has confessed to reporters the difficulty of explaining his “nuanced” position on mining, voters believe it doesn’t have to be.

1.       Does Joe support President Trump’s tariffs on steel?

2.       Does Joe support all forms on mining on the Iron Range?

3.       Does Joe support the President’s reversal of the mining ban?

4.       Is Joe attending the protest against Enbridge Line 3 replacement project this Monday? If he isn’t, does he support the project? 

Joe has a well-documented record of playing politics with miners and families in the region:

  • “Radinovich hoping to thread the needle on [mining.]” – The Timberjay (May 16, 2018)
  • “Radinovich, of Crosby, seemed to get caught up in nuance.” – Duluth News Tribune (April 10, 2018)
  • “It’s an uncomfortable place for me to be in because I’m never anti-mining enough for the people on one wing of this, and I’m never pro-mining enough for the other people,” Radinovich said. – Roll Call (Sept. 25, 2018)
  • “Radinovich doesn’t necessarily see a new form of mining as answering the need for good jobs.” – The Timberjay (May 16, 2018)
  • “Once we step out in the broader electorate, the feeling is much different. We have to be able to unify our democratic base… or we won’t be able to advocate for environmental protections.” – The Uptake (April 5, 2018)
  • “Radinovich is speaking a language that opponents of copper-nickel can hear and understand.” –The Timberjay (May 16, 2018)

Joe has been trying to explain his “nuanced” position on mining for weeks. A day after the debate last week in Duluth, Joe launched Apology Tour II across the Iron Range in a feeble attempt to clarify his self-confessed “nuanced” position on mining. Now, he is staging campaign events with miners in the region shamelessly using them as campaign props to show his artificial and flimsy support for their jobs.

Joe’s campaign strategy for weeks has been to say one thing to one group, and something completely opposite to another group doing whatever he can to pander for votes. When in front of miners, he claims to be standing with them. When in front of his extreme environmental base, he claims to be a fan of closing down mines altogether effectively assaulting our way of life.

This isn’t the first time Joe was caught playing politics.

Last month, after Joe embarked on Apology Tour I to conduct damage control over his baffling legal and criminal record, the Duluth News Tribune called Joe out during a debate for not being completely truthful with them in previous interviews about his checkered past.

Miners from throughout the region have been expressing doubts with Joe concerned he won’t stand with them and support the potential job growth and economic prosperity that would benefit the Iron Range and the overall economy. When President Trump announced last month that he was reversing the mining ban in Minnesota, Joe was eerily silent as he indulged his extreme anti-mining environmental base.

Meanwhile, Pete Stauber met again with President Trump on Thursday thanking him for reversing the mining ban. “I was pleased to welcome the President to Minnesota and thank him for his executive order to reverse the mining ban,” said Stauber, who met one-on-one with the President during his visit yesterday to Minnesota. “The President reiterated that he stands with Minnesota miners and he understands how important the industry is to our way of life. I look forward to working with him to unleash the economic engine in the 8th district which includes iron ore mining, copper-nickel mining, and Enbridge Line 3 replacement project.”