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Press Release: Joe Radinovich’s ‘plan’ to pay for $33 trillion government takeover of health care receives “three Pinocchios” from Washington Post fact checker

HERMANTOWN – Joe Radinovich is staking his congressional campaign on an extreme $33 trillion health plan that even he concedes will eliminate employer-based coverage, force Minnesota families into a one-size-fits-all government run system, and take away important personal decisions from Minnesotans and give them to Washington bureaucrats.

Last night, KBJR-TV reported on Joe’s radical health plan and the facts are clear:  Joe’s $33 trillion plan would lead to the biggest tax increase in modern history and would cost Minnesota families thousands and thousands of dollars more each year.


“Universal health care is no doubt an expensive option, with some saying it could cost more than $30-trillion over the next ten years… that money still has to come from somewhere.

“Radinovich said, “… the entire cost would be lumped together and divided across the population.”

The impact of Joe’s plan would devastate Minnesota families and small businesses. In fact, the Washington Post non-partisan fact checker looked into how Joe and Democrats plan to pay for their $33 trillion one-size-fits-all, full throttle government takeover of health care and issued their claims a “Three Pinocchio” rating. The data used to reach this conclusion was confirmed by, Politifact, The Associated Press, and CNN.

“The last time we gave Joe the keys to our health care he brought us MNsure, an absolute disaster, and he drove us right off the cliff,” said Pete Stauber. “And as MNsure was failing and its website was broken, with premiums skyrocketing up to 60 percent and hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans losing their health insurance altogether, Rep. Radinovich voted in St. Paul to reward MNsure executives with taxpayer-funded bonuses.He has no credibility when it comes to health care.  Even the Washington Post gives Joe ‘three pinocchios.’”

Minnesotans want and Americans need high quality, affordable and accessible health care that is patient-driven and physician-guided, putting individuals in charge of their health care rather than the government. In Congress, Pete would be committed to working with Republicans and Democrats on true health care reform that lowers costs and increases access to quality health care and doing all we can to ensure health insurance is portable and affordable.