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Law Enforcement Continues to Rally Around Pete Stauber for Congress

Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Pete Stauber


HERMANTOWN – Recognizing Pete Stauber’s 23 years of experience as a police officer, and his efforts leading Congress on criminal justice reform that ensures our law enforcement get the resources needed to keep our communities safe, the Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police today endorsed Stauber for Congress.

“The work of law enforcement in our communities has never been more challenging, more scrutinized, nor more important,” said Matt Hagen, President of the Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police. “Today’s communities are divided and suffering. This is precisely why the members of the Fraternal Order of Police trust Congressman Pete Stauber to lead the way. His work in the community and Congress show he is committed to public safety for both our members and the communities he serves.”

Stauber is a retired police officer of 23 years. He served 22 years with the Duluth Police Department, where he was an Area Commander with the Duluth PD serving as Law Enforcement Labor Services Union, Local 363. When it comes to standing with our law enforcement, Stauber isn’t just fighting for our way of life, he is living it.

“He’s walked in our shoes, he knows the weight of the badge,” said Hagen. “He’s worked at all levels of public service and earned our support. We are proud to offer our endorsement to Congressman Pete Stauber.”

Sadly, many Democrats are calling to defund our police and remove them from our schools. In fact, Quinn Nystrom and other DFL candidates in Minnesota are standing by their endorsed candidate, who recently terrorized the city of Hugo and threatened to burn it down. Screaming obscenities at women and children in the cul-de-sac, DFL endorsed candidate John Thompson threatened reporters and police officers, and promised the rioters are coming next for “Virginia, Duluth, and Hibbing.”

“Earlier this year it broke my heart as we watched helplessly as small businesses were destroyed and a Minneapolis police precinct even burnt to the ground,” Stauber said. “Across our country, once peaceful protests turned into riots, chaos, looting, lawlessness, and in some cases, anarchy. And now, they are calling to defund our police. That’s not the country we want to be. I am honored to be endorsed by the Minnesota FOP and they recognize that I will always have their backs.”

Currently in his first term in Congress, Pete is attempting to become the first Republican to win re-election in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District since William Pittenger did in the 1940s.





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State Legislators from Around the District Endorse Stauber: In a strong showing of support and solidarity, 23 members of the Minnesota State Legislature representing districts in the 8th congressional district Tuesday announced their endorsement of Pete Stauber for Congress. Nine members of the Senate and 14 members of the House of Representatives illustrated today why Pete deserves another two-year term in U.S. Congress. More here.

Stauber Launches “5-Day Power Play” Barnstorming Tour: Pete Stauber announced he is rolling out a massive, five-day barnstorming tour across Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, where he will stop in all 18 counties, meeting with voters leading up to Election Day. Stauber, a 23-year police officer and former professional hockey player, will launch the “5-Day Power Play” with a send-off rally at 8:30 a.m., Thursday in the campaign office parking lot in Hermantown. More here.

Minnesota Police Endorse Pete Stauber: Highlighting his life experiences as a police officer and his steadfast support at home and in Congress for our law enforcement, Pete Stauber was endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. “Pete Stauber is a champion for public safety in his district and all of Minnesota,” said Brian Peters, President of MPPOA. “As a former 22-year law enforcement officer with the city of Duluth, Pete worked tirelessly to keep our communities safe and he’s continued that work in Washington. More here.

More than 50 Mayors Endorse Pete Stauber: More than 50 mayors from across Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District announced their support for Pete Stauber by endorsing his 2020 campaign for Congress. The mayors collectively highlighted Stauber’s efforts to fight for our way of life and announced their strong backing for Stauber’s re-election. “Pete Stauber has fought for us every day during his first term in office,” said Wyoming Mayor Lisa Iverson. “I am proud to support his re-election as we seek to reopen the economy and get Minnesotans back to work.” More here.

Duluth News Tribune – Stauber The “Clear Pick in Nov. 3 Election”: Lauding Pete Stauber’s bipartisan efforts to fight for our way of life, the Duluth News Tribune became the latest newspaper to endorse Pete Stauber for Congress. “[Stauber] has quickly emerged as an outspoken and accomplished fighter for the Iron Range, Duluth, Brainerd, and the rest of the 8th,” said the Duluth News Tribune editorial. “His willingness to work with Democrats – and anyone, really, who shares his passion for a better America for all – makes the Republican from Hermantown the clear pick in the Nov. 3 election.” More here.

Minnesota Farm Bureau endorses Pete Stauber: Recognizing Pete Stauber’s strong support for farmers, ranchers, and ag producers in the 8th Congressional District, the Minnesota Farm Bureau PAC endorsed Pete Stauber for Congress today at a farm breakfast at the Rocking K Ranch hosted by Miles and Sarah Kuschel. “Congressman Stauber understands the important role agriculture plays for Minnesota’s economy and has been a strong voice for Minnesota’s farm families,” said Ray Johnson, Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation PAC Chair. More here.

Nystrom Once Again Has No Answers for Job Growth: For the third consecutive debate, Quinn Nystrom once again failed to support any of the economic engines in the 8th Congressional District and promoted her extreme anti-jobs, anti-mining agenda that would keep our mines and manufacturing plants closed and hurt our Main Street small businesses. More here.

Star Tribune Endorses Pete Stauber: Minnesota’s statewide newspaper endorsed Pete Stauber citing his “first-term successes” and lauding his “willingness to work across the aisle to solve problems.” Stauber was the Star Tribune’s first Republican congressional candidate endorsed in 2020. “Stauber impressed the board as a quick study who wouldn’t hesitate to work with Democrats on common-ground issues faced by residents of Minnesota’s sprawling Eighth Congressional District. He’s earned another opportunity to represent the district using a playbook that’s neither all red nor all blue.” Read here.

Stauber’s Latest TV Ad – Fighting for Us: Highlighting his independent voice and illustrating his record of fighting for all Minnesotans to get our economy moving again, Pete Stauber released his latest TV ad that will be seen across the 8th District. Erik Skoog, Recording Secretary of the Teamsters Local 320, is featured in the new ad. Stauber has been endorsed by the Teamsters as well as numerous unions. “I support Pete Stauber because Pete Stauber has working men and women’s backs,” Skoog says. “Pete Stauber is there for us when the rubber meets the road.” Watch here.

Quinn Nystrom Speechless on Job Creation: During a debate on October 7th in Duluth, Quinn Nystrom was left speechless when asked about job creation. When asked about promoting mining and job growth in northern Minnesota, Nystrom was asked if she had a response: “Umm, nothing more,” Nystrom said. More here.

Quinn Nystrom’s Solution for Job Growth? “Wear masks”: In a head-scratching moment of the first debate in the 8th Congressional District on September 25th in Hibbing, Quinn Nystrom’s answer for job creation and economic development in St. Louis County was to wear masks. “Unless we take [wearing masks] seriously… we can’t get our economy up and running,” Nystrom said. “Ms. Nystrom is bankrupt for ideas when it comes to job creation,” said John Eloranta, campaign manager for Stauber for Congress. More here.

Quinn Nystrom Caught Insulting Hearing Impaired: Stauber, who suffered hearing loss after 23 years of serving as a police officer, wears a hearing aid. Nystrom took to Twitter on September 25th making fun of Stauber’s hearing impairment. More here.

Quinn Nystrom Refuses to Back Our Police: Quinn Nystrom, and the DFL party, have sat silently while members of their own threaten to defund our police departments and burn down our communities. In fact, one of their own endorsed candidates recently stormed a cul-de-sac in Hugo and threatened to burn down the Twin Cities suburb while screaming obscenities at women and children living there, and using a baseball bat to beat an effigy of a female TV reporter who is married to a police officer. The DFL endorsed candidate also promised that he was coming for Duluth, Hibbing, and Virginia next.

8th District Race Rated “SOLID REPUBLICAN”: The Cook Political Report recently promoted Stauber’s race from “Lean Republican” to “SOLID REPUBLICAN.” Recognizing Stauber’s record of fighting for the Minnesotans he represents and his popularity throughout the District, The Cook Political Report noted, “Once a DFL bastion, the Iron Range has turned sharply against national Democrats. Trump romped here, 54 percent to 38 percent in 2016, and is likely to win comfortably again. The Cook Report, considered the foremost expert on congressional elections, continued: “Quinn Nystrom, who was elected to the Baxter City Council at 28, faces long odds against Stauber, a former police officer and minor league hockey player.”

Biography: Pete Stauber is in his first term representing the 8th Congressional District in U.S. Congress. Pete served 23 years in law enforcement and retired as an Area Commander in the Duluth Police Department. A small business owner and former professional hockey player in the Detroit Red Wings organization, Pete and his wife, Jodi, live with their four children in Hermantown. Jodi is an Iraq war veteran, who retired from the 148th Fighter Wing as the first female Command Chief in the history of the unit.