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Message from Pete: Hopelessly partisan


Impeachment Process is “Hopelessly Partisan” 

As a 23-year police officer, I believe nobody is above the law. Considering the impeachment of a sitting President of the United States is a matter I take very seriously, but Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and others have wanted to impeach this President since he was first elected. The author of the Articles of Impeachment [Rep. Al Green] said he was “concerned if we don’t impeach this President, he will get re-elected.” That is why we’re seeing such a hyper-partisan process. Not only are Democrats trying to undo the 2016 election, they’re trying to affect the outcome of the 2020 election as well. No wonder that even Democrats are calling the impeachment hearings “hopelessly partisan.” Now, we’ve learned that Democrats are using focus groups to dictate their impeachment strategy.

Coastal Elites call Elise Stefanik “Trash”

Elise Stefanik, my colleague from New York, has assertively pointed out the fatal flaws in the Democrats’ impeachment case. While some are recognizing her for rightly challenging the pettiness and partisanship, many Democrats, media, and Hollywood celebrities are calling her “trash.” Sadly, these partisan circuses bring out the worst in some people. Republicans and Democrats need to get back to work for the American people and do what we can to lower the cost of health care, unleash the economic engine by passing the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, and putting together an effective highway bill that fixes our aging roads and bridges.

Our Way of Life is Under Attack

Earlier this month, yet another Democrat presidential candidate dropped in on Minnesota and threatened to kill mining and the economic boom it could provide in our part of the state. With Ilhan Omar by his side, Bernie Sanders stumped in Minneapolis on a campaign promising to kill our mining industry. “Sanders’ stance on the [mining] project starkly opposed that of Trump, who has maintained a consistent pro-mining message and moved to greenlight projects in the Iron Range previously held up for environmental review,” the Duluth News Tribune reported. Believe me when I say our way of life is under attack. I see it in Congress every day and you can see it every time a presidential candidate does a touch-and-go in Minnesota, campaigning on an extreme, socialist agenda and promising to kill our mining and manufacturing industry at every turn.

Honoring our Veterans

Earlier this month, we paused to honor our nation’s veterans. When I first ran for Congress, I promised to do what I could to help ensure our veterans and their families receive the health care and benefits they were promised and earned. As a husband whose wife is an Iraq war veteran who retired from the 148th Fighter Wing as the first female Command Chief in the history of the unit, I pause each and every Veterans Day to offer my gratitude and appreciation to all who served. Recently, I was pleased to help a Hibbing World War II veteran replace a stolen American flag and show him how much I appreciated his service to our country. I encourage everyone to treat every day like Veterans Day and do what you can to help a veteran in your community.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Later this week we as Americans will gather with family and friends to count our blessings. As you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, please do what you can to ignore the nonstop noise of cable news networks and Twitter storms and enjoy some time with those you love the most. As Americans, we truly are blessed. May God bless you!





Pete Stauber