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President Trump: ‘Make America Great Again is what it’s all about, and Pete will help us’

HERMANTOWN – President Donald Trump is personally calling tens of thousands of Minnesotans tonight from around the 8th congressional district encouraging and ensuring residents of the 18-county district vote for Pete Stauber. This is the first call of its kind made by the President this election season.

“We need Pete Stauber in Congress to keep making America great again,” said President Trump. “After eight years of Obama’s disaster, Pete Stauber will help me keep steering our country back on track. Make America Great Again is what it’s all about. And Pete will help us.”

Trump visited Duluth this summer and hosted a “Make America Great Again” rally in front of an overflow crowd at AMSOIL Arena with thousands of Minnesotans lined outside who couldn’t get in the packed arena. Trump and Stauber also met before the rally where they discussed the need for the mining ban to be reversed, which Trump did weeks later.

Shortly before the August primary election, Trump endorsed Stauber. “Pete is strong on crime and borders, loves our Military, Vets and Second Amendment. He has my full and total Endorsement!”

After nearly 22 months of the new administration, America’s unemployment is at historic lows, job reports at historic highs, small businesses are surging, consumer confidence is rising, and optimism soaring to an all-time high. Trump is doing all he can to ensure Stauber will be working with him next year in Congress on pro-growth policies that will unleash the economic engine in the 8th district and across America.

“We are doing great things all across America. And in a place that I love, Minnesota,” Trump is telling Minnesota voters tonight. “The massive tax cuts I signed into law were the largest in our nation’s history and helped create more than four million new jobs. A number that people said was undoable. Strong conservatives like Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch now sit on the United States Supreme Court, despite the Democrats disgusting character attacks on them.

“But Nancy Pelosi is trying to elect radical liberals like Joe Radinovich to Congress to turn back all of the incredible things we’ve done. If Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats win in November, these radical liberals will raise your taxes, take away seniors’ Medicare, and open our border to crime and to drugs. We can’t let Pelosi’s radical liberals win.”

Earlier this week, the Duluth News Tribune, the largest newspaper in the 8th district endorsed Stauber, saying “All voters in the 8th District can embrace Stauber’s commitment to them, no matter their politics, confident he has made good on similar pledges made during a lifetime of devoted public service.” ECM Newspapers and Adams Publishing which publish dozens of community newspapers throughout the region, also recently endorsed Stauber, saying, “in our opinion the edge goes to Stauber based on his broader, more diverse life experience.”

In the last few days, several independent, nonpartisan analysts have all moved the 8th congressional district to “Lean Republican.” The Cook Political Report, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, and FiveThirtyEight have all moved Joe Radinovich into the loss column for Election Day. Even the DCCC, the Democrat congressional campaign arm who was partnering with Joe running negative TV ads, pulled out of the race this week signaling even they are giving up on his race.


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