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Press Release, 8th District’s largest newspaper:‘All voters can embrace Stauber’s commitment to them, no matter the politics’

HERMANTOWN – Recognizing Pete Stauber’s “lifetime of devoted public service,” the Duluth News Tribune soundly endorsed Pete Stauber for Congress. The News Tribune is the largest newspaper in the 8th district. Just days ago, Stauber received the endorsement of the Adams Publishing and ECM Newspapers editorial board which publishes newspapers in communities throughout the district.

“All voters in the 8th District can embrace Stauber’s commitment to them, no matter their politics, confident he has made good on similar pledges made during a lifetime of devoted public service,” the Duluth News Tribune said in its editorial endorsement. “Stauber has emerged as the leader to stand up for and to fight for our corner of the state in Washington, D.C.”

The DNT highlighted Stauber’s refreshing position on health care that puts patients first and party politics aside, his pro-growth economic agenda that would unleash the economic engine in the 8th district, his commitment to successful, productive, and clean mining, and his devotion to keep our promises to seniors so we can preserve and protect Social Security and Medicare.

The DNT also recognized that Stauber would be an independent voice in Washington. While Stauber has already personally worked with the President to reverse the mining ban, the DNT highlighted how Stauber would put his district first.

“When (Trump’s) legislative agenda helps us, I’ll be all on board. When it doesn’t, I won’t,” Stauber told the News Tribune Editorial Board in July when asked to address the criticism. “I am going to support initiatives that help the 8th Congressional District. I will not blindly follow anybody. … If you think I’m (going) to Washington to vote ‘Republican good,’ ‘Democrat bad,’ I’m the wrong candidate. When you work on behalf of the party alone, which is happening, nothing gets done.”

The DNT lauded Stauber’s approach to public service.

“What kind of congressional representative will Stauber be? Consider his answer when asked about fixing health care: ‘It’s going to be solved by Republicans and Democrats getting together and not caring who gets the credit,’ he said. ‘I’m not only going to reach across the aisle, I’m going to get up and walk over and legislate for the people of this country.”

You can read the entire Duluth News Tribune endorsement editorial here.