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Press Release: Joe has a credibility problem with Minnesota voters and a track record of failure

CMS: Joe’s health care plan “puts seniors at risk”

HERMANTOWN – During Monday’s debate in Brainerd Joe Radinovich not only denigrates Pete Stauber’s character by belittling his 23 years of service in law enforcement and besmirching Jodi Stauber’s service with the Minnesota National Guard overseas in Iraq, but his credibility continues to erode on health care as he pushes for a government takeover that would cripple our country’s health care system.

During Radinovich’s brief two-year term in the state legislature Joe was the deciding vote that brought us MNsure leading to skyrocketing premiums for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans and kicking many families off their health care altogether. And as MNsure was crashing and crippling Minnesotans’ health care, Radinovich arrogantly voted to reward MNsure executives with taxpayer funded bonuses.

“What business would ever award their manager with a bonus for dereliction of duty? Who other than Joe Radinovich would reward poor performance,” asked Stauber, who owns a small business. “Joe threw Minnesotans under the bus when he rammed through MNsure and then put the bus in reverse and backed over them again by using their taxpayer money to give undeserving executives bonuses they did not earn. It isn’t surprising voters fired him after one term.”

Despite his disastrous record for attempting to reform health insurance, Joe is now calling for a $33 trillion full throttle government takeover of health care that even he concedes will abolish employer-based coverage – affecting 180 million Americans who count on coverage from their employer. By all accounts, Joe’s plan would force Minnesota families into a one-size-fits-all government run system and take away important personal decisions from Minnesotans and give them to Washington bureaucrats.

In order to pay for his plan, Joe supports the largest tax increase in modern history that will cost Minnesota families thousands and thousands of dollars more each year. Additionally, seniors and veterans will lose their health care altogether. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Joe’s health care plan would be “socialized medicine that would put seniors at risk.”

In Congress, Stauber will fight to ensure health care for Minnesotans is affordable, accessible, and patient-centered. That starts with protecting the sacred relationship between a patient and their doctor. While Joe is advocating for a plan embraced by Nancy Pelosi and other party bosses, Pete wants to leave partisan politics beside and put Americans, not politicians, first.

“Rather than wave a blue book or a red book, I will work with Republicans and Democrats and start with things we can agree on,” said Stauber. “Of course I support covering pre-existing conditions. We can also agree we should expand Associated Health Plans so small businesses and individuals can join together for cheaper health care premiums. Parents should be able to cover their children on family health insurance until 24 or 25. We must increase cost transparency so patients know what they are buying when they make these personal decisions. By working together and starting with solutions we could agree on, we could create true, patient-centered health care that Americans could believe in and trust.”