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HERMANTOWN – Maybe Joe Radinovich has become comfortable exclaiming the specific phrase, or maybe he is just that proud of taking taxpayer money and giving it to the government. Either way, Joe showed his true colors when he unleashed another outburst attempting to explain why he championed a $2 Billion tax increase on Minnesota families: “I am guilty as charged,” Joe exclaimed.

During the debate Friday at Minnesota Public Radio, Pete Stauber inquired about Joe’s $2 Billion tax increase when he was in the State Legislature.


Joe: “$2 billion?


Joe: “You’re going to accuse me of raising taxes $2 billion?!


Joe: “I am guilty as charged!”


As national media are inquiring why a candidate would possibly behave this way, let’s review Joe’s reckless tax-and-spend record that is devastating to Minnesota families:

  • Joe is calling on a repeal of the tax cut law that is providingMinnesota families in the 8th district an average of $2,500 of tax savings
  • Joe’s plan would be the largest tax increase in modern history, which would kill good-paying jobs and devastate Main Street businesses
  • Joe is promising a $33 Trillion government takeover of health care that would abolish employer-provided health care for 180 million Americans, and kick seniors and veterans off their health care altogether
  • During his brief two-year term in St. Paul, then Rep. Radinovich helped champion a $2 billion tax increase on Minnesota families
  • While in St. Paul, Rep. Radinovich voted to waste $90 million of taxpayer money on a luxury office building for career politicians in St. Paul and $21 million for a pedestrian mall in downtown Minneapolis


“When it comes to tax cuts and tax relief, Pete Stauber will fight for Minnesota families every time,” said Caroline Tarwid, campaign spokesperson. “While Joe thinks the federal government needs more of your hard-earned money, Pete will legislate through the lens of Main Street and the belief of most Minnesotans that Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. While it’s clear Minnesotans can’t afford Joe, we do agree on a variety of fronts that Joe is ‘guilty as charged.”