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Press Release: Joe, Joe, Joe…

HERMANTOWN – As his Democrat allies including staff are fleeing his floundering campaign, Joe Radinovich mused to a reporter a head-scratching observation: “If we were to debate on the issues, we’d win this race in a landslide,” Radinovich told MinnPost.

“Joe’s arrogant statement shows truly how out of touch he is with Minnesotans in the 8th district,” said Caroline Tarwid, campaign spokesperson. “He’s reckless with health care, he’s irresponsible supporting historic tax increases, he has no clue how to encourage businesses to create jobs, and he’s totally aloof and in denial when he thinks character doesn’t matter to voters.”

A quick look at the issues Joe arrogantly boasts would lead to a “landslide” ironically explain why the Democrats abandoned his race last week after the independent, nonpartisan political experts all downgraded Joe’s campaign and moved the 8th congressional district into the “Lean Republican” category:

  • HEALTH CARE: Joe supports a $33 trillion government takeover of health care and was caught by the Washington Post independent fact checker for lying about how to pay for it. Pete supports a patient-centered approach that is based on reforms we can agree like covering pre-existing conditions but he agrees with most Minnesotans that Joe’s scheme would abolish employer-based health insurance and kick seniors and veterans off their plans altogether.
  • MNSURE: Let’s not forget Joe’s record on health care. During his brief two-year term in the State Legislature, Joe voted to bring us MNsure, an absolute disaster that caused premiums to skyrocket as high as 70 percent and kicked hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans off their health care altogether. And when MNsure was burning and its website was broken, Joe voted to reward MNsure executives with taxpayer bonuses. When we gave him the keys to health care, he drove us off a cliff.
  • JOBS and ECONOMY: Joe opposes the current pro-growth agenda that has led to historic unemployment, skyrocketing consumer confidence, and a record high small business confidence. Pete, who was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent businesses, supports putting American workers first and believes the federal government should encourage, not inhibit, job creation.
  • DEBT and SPENDING: At the State Legislature, Joe voted to waste millions of tax dollars for special interests, including a $90 million luxury office building for career politicians in St. Paul, and a $21 million for a pedestrian mall in downtown Minneapolis. Pete believes Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem, and wants the federal government to stop spending money it doesn’t have.
  • REAL TAX REFORM: Joe supports the largest tax increase in modern history that would cripple Minnesota family budgets and stifle small businesses. Pete supports the tax cut law that saved Minnesota families in the 8th congressional district an average of $2,500.
  • MINING: It’s been well documented by local, state, and national media that Joe has been doing the Texas two-step when it comes to mining. In fact, he was caught confessing to a reporter that he can’t take a clear position on mining because it’s “nuanced.” Pete is the only candidate in the race who supports iron ore, copper-nickel, and the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project that would lead to nearly 10,000 good-paying jobs in the region. While Joe allies with Nancy Pelosi and clings to job-killing regulations, Pete wants to unleash the economic engine in the 8th district and ensure the American dream for everyone.
  • WORKING WITH THE PRESIDENT: While Joe insults President Trump at every turn, Pete worked alongside the President to help broker the reversal of the mining ban put in place just days before the previous administration left the White House. Pete has been endorsed by numerous mayors on the Iron Range.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE: Pete believes a promise made is a promise kept and wants to ensure these vital safety nets are in place for generations to come. Joe’s health care scheme would kick all seniors off their current Medicare and lead to chaos for those who need it most.
  • OPPOSES 2nd AMENDMENT: Pete believes in the 2nd Amendment and that you have a right to defend you and your family. The NRA endorsed Pete. Joe? ‘Nuff said.
  • AGRICULTURE: Endorsed by the Minnesota Farm Bureau, Pete believes our farmers are vital to our health and economic prosperity and wants to get the government out of their lives so family farmers, ranchers, and producers can responsibly do what they do best. Joe’s admitted infatuation for “letting bureaucrats be bureaucrats” and his support for burdensome regulations that are killing our family farms in addition to manufacturers, loggers, and miners.
  • SAFETY: Keeping our communities safe is an issue on the minds of Minnesota families throughout the 8th district. As a 23-year law enforcement officer, Pete put our families first and supports his brothers and sisters in uniform at every turn. Pete was endorsed by the Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police.