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Press Release: Lather, rinse, repeat: Debate highlights Joe’s desperate campaign based on smears & lies

HERMANTOWN – Pete Stauber and Joe Radinovich debated for a fourth time in the 8th congressional district race this morning at Minnesota Public Radio studios. While Radinovich continued to distract from the issues important to voters, Pete once again laid out his positive vision that puts Minnesotans first, unleashes the economic engine in the 8th district, and illustrates how his character and life experiences have shaped his values.

“What we saw today from Joe is a desperate campaign on life support willing to do or say anything to score cheap, political points,” said Caroline Tarwid, campaign spokesperson. “Minnesota voters see through Joe’s lies as he continues to run from his reckless criminal record that includes nearly 40 tickets, fines, revocations, and drug possession; his reckless legislative record that brought us MNsure; and his reckless campaign that’s promising a $33 trillion government takeover which will force our health care system to collapse.”