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HERMANTOWN – Pete Stauber debated Joe Radinovich and Skip Sandman this morning at the Duluth Depot Playhouse and illustrated the fundamental differences between his opponents and him.

“As we saw this morning in the debate, whenever Joe was asked to take a firm position on mining or health care Joe would lose his temper and began pointing fingers,” said Caroline Tarwid, campaign spokesman. “Voters in the region deserve to know where Joe stands on the biggest issues in this race but instead they got angry outbursts and finger wagging.”

Health care was one of the key focuses of the debate.

“I believe in affordable, accessible, patient-centered health care that protects the sacred relationship between a patient and their doctor,” Stauber said. “Joe continues to push for a $33 Trillion government takeover of health care that would cost Minnesota families thousands and thousands more each year and kick seniors and veterans off their health care altogether, and Joe offered no way to pay for it.”

Even liberal congressional candidate Ray “Skip” Sandman called Joe’s healthcare plan “BS.”

Radinovich refused to take a definitive position on supporting copper nickel mining. Debate moderators asked him twice to clarify his position and he refused.

“Mining is part of the fabric that makes this region great and it’s outrageous that Joe is trying to deceive voters when it comes to copper nickel mining,” said Stauber. “I am the only candidate in the race that supports iron ore, copper-nickel and Enbridge Line 3. We must unleash the economic engine in the 8th district.”

Radinovich also failed to explain his votes during his brief term in the Minnesota State Legislature when he voted for MNsure, and then, as hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans were losing their health care and premiums were skyrocketing, Joe voted to award MNsure executives taxpayer-funded bonuses.

“When Joe had the keys to health care, he drove us off the cliff by bringing us MNsure – and absolute disaster,” Stauber said. “And now he wants us to trust him with a $33 trillion government takeover that will cost us even more?”