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HERMANTOWN – The debate in Brainerd took a head-scratching turn on Monday evening when Joe Radinovich took offense to the fact Pete Stauber is making character an issue in his own personal campaign ads.

“Throughout debates, we continue to clearly illustrate the stark, fundamental differences between Joe and I on the issues that matter most to Minnesotans,” said Stauber. “For whatever reason, Joe is offended by the fact that I served 23 years as a police officer and tried to keep our communities safe, that I have four children, and that my wife Jodi served our nation overseas in Iraq.  Why would he belittle that? Voters should know who I am, what I stand for, and that Jodi and I have tried to build our family on a foundation of character, integrity, and trust.”

Stauber’s first TV ad highlights Pete’s law enforcement career, his experience as a small business owner, and his lifelong role of husband and father of four. Stauber’s second TV ad highlights a challenging time for the Stauber family when Jodi was serving overseas with the Minnesota National Guard, and Pete was playing the role of Dad and Mom to his four children at home (ages 2, 6, 7, and 8 at the time).

“In those TV ads, Pete conveys to Minnesota voters throughout the 8th district who he is – a professional hockey player, a small business owner, a police officer, a husband and father of four,” said Caroline Tarwid, campaign press secretary. “Each of those life experiences has helped shape Pete’s values and better illustrate the reasons he wants to fight for Minnesotans in Congress to ensure his children’s generation have the same hopes, dreams, and opportunities that his generation was blessed to have.”

It is a curious attack by Joe, who publicly takes offense to Pete’s TV ads for not catering to the issues Radinovich prefers, when you consider that Pete proactively sought out to schedule debates this fall and is actively debating Joe five times in five weeks – more than any congressional candidate in Minnesota. Before Election Day, Pete and Joe will have debated for more than 5 hours.

In the debate, Joe said: “… that’s what the public is entitled to, they are entitled to see the difference between us.”

We couldn’t agree more, Joe. So what possibly is he trying to avoid talking about in his own life that involves integrity, trust, and character?