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Press Release, Stauber wins debate while a fading Radinovich campaign champions largest tax increase in modern history

HERMANTOWN – In a debate between Pete Stauber and Joe Radinovich that was aired this afternoon on KSTP-TV, Joe Radinovich championed the biggest tax increase in modern history that would cost Minnesota families in the 8th congressional district thousands of dollars more each year. The debate was the third in this campaign.

“When it comes to health care and taxes, Joe continues to champion plans that will cripple the pocketbooks of Minnesota families,” said Stauber. “As our debate once again clearly highlighted, I believe Minnesotans make our country great while Joe believes the government should take more of your hard-earned money.”

Character was once again an issue in this debate. While Stauber illustrates how his 23 years of experience in law enforcement along with his wife’s service to our country that included a deployment overseas to Baghdad help shape his values, Joe chooses to run from his reckless record that includes a criminal record littered with more than 30 traffic tickets, many unpaid as recently as a couple of months ago, numerous revocations of his license, and a drug paraphernalia possession.

During the debate, Joe once again championed a $33 trillion government takeover that would abolish employer-based health coverage, send premiums skyrocketing, and kick seniors and veterans off their health care altogether. It’s stunning that Joe continues to advocate for his failed plan when the Washington Post non-partisan fact checker looked into how Joe and Democrats plan to pay for their scheme and issued their claims a “Three Pinocchio” rating. The data used to reach this conclusion was confirmed by, Politifact, The Associated Press, and CNN.

“Joe has absolutely no credibility on health care,” Stauber said. “When Joe had the keys in St. Paul, he was the deciding vote on MNsure and forced premiums to increase by up to 60 percent for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans. And as MNsure was burning and Minnesotans were losing their health insurance, Joe voted to give MNsure executives taxpayer funded bonuses.”

In addition to costing Minnesota families thousands more a year in health care, Joe reiterated his support for the largest tax increase in modern history.

“Minnesota families in the 8th district will see an average savings of $2,500,” Stauber said. “While Joe and Nancy Pelosi consider that crumbs, that’s real savings that families can use to make a couple of mortgage or car payments, save for college, or spend on gas and groceries. While I believe in you, Joe believes the government should take more from you.”

Momentum has been growing for Stauber. This week, the Duluth News Tribune, the largest newspaper in the 8th district endorsed Stauber, saying “There’s no denying Pete Stauber’s impressive lifetime of public service or his unwavering devotion and commitment to us in Northeastern Minnesota and in the 8th Congressional District. All voters in the 8th District can embrace Stauber’s commitment to them, no matter their politics, confident he has made good on similar pledges made during a lifetime of devoted public service.”

The DNT joined ECM Newspapers and Adams Publishing which publish dozens of community newspapers throughout the region, who endorsed my candidacy last week. “In our opinion the edge goes to Stauber based on his broader, more diverse life experience,” their editorial said.

The KSTP-TV debate will also be aired on WDIO-TV in Duluth next Sunday, Oct. 28.