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Press Release, Voters Ask: Where’s Status Quo Joe on Enbridge Line 3?

HERMANTOWN –As we learned in the 8th Congressional district debate last week in Duluth, there are stark, fundamental differences between Pete Stauber and his radical opponents Joe Radinovich and Ray “Skip” Sandman. In fact, while Sandman clearly opposes numerous infrastructure projects in the region that include multiple mining initiatives as well as a pipeline replacement project, Radinovich refuses to take a position on any of the projects that would generate tremendous economic prosperity to the region.

“When it comes to projects in this part of our state that would provide thousands and thousands of good-paying jobs and an economic boom to our communities, voters need to know where Joe stands,” said Stauber. “I support iron ore, I support copper-nickel, and I support Enbridge Line 3 and I am the only candidate in the race that can say that.  I understand the importance of the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project and the job growth it will bring to our region.”

The Enbridge Line 3 replacement project would mean a more than $2 billion private investment that would make our water even safer. According to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota-Duluth’s Labovitz School of Business and Economics, the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project would create 8,600 jobs. That is a significant economic boom to the region. Hard-working families in the region would directly benefit from the project which would strengthen our local communities and further bolster our Main Street businesses and our schools.

“Let’s move the Enbridge Line 3 project forward,” said Stauber, “so we can unleash the economic engine in the 8th district.”

But rather than stand with the communities and families in our part of Minnesota, it appears radicals Joe and Skip choose to side with the extreme protesters who ironically are defending the status quo of an aging pipeline that puts our environment more at risk, and stifling job growth.

When it comes to Enbridge Line 3 replacement project, who can blame Minnesotans for asking, “Where’s Status Quo Joe?”