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Press Release: Radinovich caught lying

HERMANTOWN – As the campaign for the 8th congressional district reaches its final days, the Pete Stauber campaign is once again calling on Joe Radinovich to be truthful with Minnesota voters, something he hasn’t done so far.

“Minnesotans reject politicians like Joe Radinovich when they habitually lie on the campaign trail like Joe has for several months,” said Caroline Tarwid, the campaign spokesperson. “When it comes to his personal criminal record, his legislative record, and his campaign record, Joe continues to mislead voters and it’s unconscionable that he also belittles and demeans Pete’s 23 years in law enforcement and Pete’s wife’s 24 years as a veteran who served overseas in Iraq.

Joe gets caught lying about his criminal record

After meeting with the Duluth News Tribune and trying to conduct damage control after news reports revealed Joe has more than 30 traffic tickets and unpaid fines, and numerous license revocations, Joe was called out for a cover-up. At the debate, the DNT asked Joe [13:35]: “Mr. Radinovich, after news broke about dozens of traffic infractions the News Tribune asked if there is anything else of concern in your background and you at that time said ‘No.’ It was after that, that the run-in with police over the possession of drug paraphernalia came to light… Is there anything else?” For the record, Joe never answered the DNT’s question.

Joe gets caught lying about his overdue fines and tickets and collection agencies

Only after Joe was caught by KSTP-TV did he pay many of his outstanding fines, which included action taken by collection agencies. Joe paid many of his fines the very same day KSTP-TV reported on Joe’s history of parking, traffic tickets, endless collection agency reports, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Joe gets caught lying about Pete’s steadfast support for pre-existing conditions

Even though Pete has repeatedly campaigned on supporting health care reform that must include covering pre-existing conditions, Joe blatantly lies claiming otherwise. As Pete explains in his latest TV ad, his son Isaac has Down syndrome, and his health challenges include a pre-existing condition.

Joe gets caught lying about his refusal to allow Skip to join Brainerd debate

When asked if independent candidate Skip Sandman could join them on stage at a debate in Brainerd, Joe looked the other way and refused to let Skip participate, while Pete nodded yes and welcomed him into the debate. Joe lies to a reporter saying he’ll debate “anyone, anytime” yet video of Joe’s refusal to allow Skip on stage tells a very different story.

Joe gets caught lying about how he’ll pay for $33 trillion government takeover

The impact of Joe’s $33 trillion government takeover of health care plan would devastate Minnesota families and small businesses. In fact, the Washington Post non-partisan fact checker looked into how Joe and Democrats plan to pay for their $33 trillion health care scheme and issued Joe’s claims a “Three Pinocchio” rating. The data used to reach this conclusion was confirmed by, Politifact, The Associated Press, and CNN.

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