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Stauber Continues to Build Momentum in Q2 Fundraising

HERMANTOWN, MN – Friday, Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District, Pete Stauber, announced strong fundraising numbers for the second quarter of 2018. During the second quarter, Stauber raised over $300,000. 80% of individual contributions came from small, grassroots donors.   

“We are continuously humbled by the strong support our campaign is receiving from voters across the 8th district: Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike,” said campaign spokeswoman Caroline Tarwid. “As Pete travels to meet with voters in all 18 counties and listens to their concerns we continuously hear the same thing: they want someone who will support their way of life which includes lowering taxes, bringing jobs back to our district and getting the government out of their everyday lives. Our momentum continues to build as we look ahead to November.”