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Stauber touts common sense, blue-collar values in pitch for District 8

On Dec. 16, 1995, a bullet blasted into the confines of a Duluth Police Department squad car and struck the head of Officer Pete Stauber. Two years later, during a hostage situation, he stared into the barrel of a pistol and the perpetrator pulled the trigger.

The gun misfired.

Now, after more than two decades, Stauber is running for the 8th District congressional seat—though, his near-lethal brushes with gun violence have hardly left him gun shy when it comes to the debate raging at the national level. However it’s framed—gun rights or gun control, arguing particulars of firearm regulations or hashing out the semantics of what constitutes an “assault weapon”—Stauber is a staunch proponent of the Second Amendment, through and through.

“I am Second Amendment supporter after having been the victim of two violent gun crimes,” Stauber said during a phone interview Friday, April 6—characterizing the issue, on one hand, as a mental health problem, on the other as a product of a society that doesn’t value life the way it should. “You see, the individuals who used these guns to try to kill me were criminals. There isn’t a person I know who wants a criminal or drug addict to have a firearm.”

One answer? Medical record transparency, the 23-year veteran of law enforcement said, and that means across state lines—where, for example, he said, a three-day wait period can be avoided or a history of mental health issues never accounted for, by simply hopping over to Ohio or Wisconsin.

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