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The Iron Range’s Newspaper: ‘Stauber separated himself with a steadfast support for our largest industry and employer’

HERMANTOWN – The Mesabi Daily News, the newspaper of the Iron Range, championed Pete Stauber’s candidacy Sunday by endorsing him for Congress. The endorsement is just the latest in a long line of newspaper endorsements in the district and statewide for Stauber. In fact, Stauber received every newspaper endorsement in this race.

“In the end, for the Iron Range, Stauber separated himself with a steadfast support for our largest industry and employer,” the Mesabi Daily News editorial stated. “Stauber has a track record of backing Range taconite and copper-nickel mining from the St. Louis County Board and on the campaign trail.”

The Star Tribune, the largest newspaper in Minnesota, endorsed Stauber last week. The Duluth News Tribune, the largest newspaper located in the 8th district, endorsed Stauber two weeks ago. ECM Newspapers and Adams Publishing, which publish dozens of newspapers in communities around the district, also endorsed Stauber.

Throughout the campaign, Stauber has been the only candidate in this race to unequivocally support iron ore mining, copper-nickel mining, and the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project. In fact, this summer, Stauber met separately with both President Trump and Vice President Pence to convey the need to reverse the mining ban cynically put in place in the final days of the previous administration. Weeks after Stauber’s meeting, the President reversed the mining ban. In Congress, Stauber will remain committed to a pro-growth, pro-mining agenda that would unleash the economic engine in the 8th district.

“Stauber’s life in public service in the region makes him an appealing and possibly very effective candidate for the Iron Range,” the Mesabi Daily News stated. “With a wealth of local governing experience near the Iron Range and a diverse background, Pete Stauber is a vote well-cast for the region.”

The entire Mesabi Daily News editorial endorsement of Stauber can be found here.