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When Asked About Mining and Line 3 Job Opportunities, Quinn Nystrom Passes


HERMANTOWN – In a not-so-surprising development during a debate this morning between 8th Congressional District candidates, Quinn Nystrom PASSED when asked about promoting mining and job growth in northern Minnesota.

Moderator: Quinn Nystrom, your response?

Quinn Nystrom: Umm, nothing more…

Moderator: Rep. Stauber, any final comments?

Pete Stauber: Yeah, the blue-collar workers and unions know I have their backs. I’ve been endorsed by the Teamsters, the Carpenters, the 49ers, the Ironworkers, the Pipe Trades, Painters, and LIUNA because they know I will fight for the jobs that we are blessed to have in northeastern Minnesota.

“When it comes to job growth and mining, we are on the cusp of a blue-collar boom in our part of Minnesota and my opponent’s silence on this issue speaks loudly about where she stands with her anti-mining, anti-jobs policies,” said Pete Stauber, who for two years has been supporting pro-growth policies that led to record low unemployment earlier this year. “I am proud to be endorsed by so many unions because they know I have their backs and I will always fight for them.”

Nystrom is endorsed by the DFL Environmental Caucus which supports her because she “cannot support Twin Metals and Polymet.” Weeks ago, when the DFL overwhelmingly passed an anti-mining ban, Nystrom sat silently. In fact, Nystrom and her party supports a $93 Trillion Green New Deal that would abolish mining and manufacturing and ban everything from cows to cars.

“As we saw today in the debate, Quinn Nystrom is so out-of-touch with Minnesotans in the 8th District that, when asked about job growth and mining, she was speechless,” said John Eloranta, campaign manager for Stauber for Congress. “The fact of the matter is Minnesota workers know that Pete Stauber will always fight for our way of life.”



TV Ad – Pete Stauber Fighting for Us: Pete Stauber recently released his second TV ad highlighting his efforts to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. After roadblock after roadblock and decades of uncertainty, Pete Stauber helped to ensure the remains of Dante Tini – a 19-year-old sailor who was killed in Pearl Harbor and for decades was identified – were flown home to Duluth in 2019 so Tini could receive a proper burial by his family with the full military honors he deserved. Watch here.

Quinn Nystrom Caught Insulting Hearing Impaired: Stauber, who suffered hearing loss after 23 years of serving as a police officer, wears a hearing aid. Nystrom took to Twitter today making fun of Stauber’s hearing impairment. More here.

Quinn Nystrom Refuses to Back Our Police: Quinn Nystrom – and the DFL party have sat silently while members of their own threaten to defund our police departments and burn down our communities. In fact, one of their own endorsed candidates recently stormed a cul-de-sac in Hugo and threatened to burn down the Twin Cities suburb while screaming obscenities at women and children living there, and using a baseball bat to beat an effigy of a female TV reporter who is married to a police officer. The DFL endorsed candidate also promised that he was coming for Duluth, Hibbing, and Virginia next.

Stauber Debuts TV Ad by Speaking Directly to Voters: Pete released his first TV ad of the 2020 campaign earlier this month by speaking directly to voters. “Let’s face it, it’s been a tough year, but here in Minnesota, we’re pretty tough, too,” Stauber says. “We help each other, we work together, and we solve problems. That’s what I try to do every day as your Congressman.” Watch the TV ad here.

8th District Race Rated “SOLID REPUBLICAN”: Just weeks ago, The Cook Political Report promoted Stauber’s race from “Lean Republican” to “SOLID REPUBLICAN.” Recognizing Stauber’s record of fighting for the Minnesotans he represents and his popularity throughout the District, The Cook Political Report noted, “Once a DFL bastion, the Iron Range has turned sharply against national Democrats. Trump romped here, 54 percent to 38 percent in 2016, and is likely to win comfortably again. The Cook Report, considered the foremost expert on congressional elections, continued: “Quinn Nystrom, who was elected to the Baxter City Council at 28, faces long odds against Stauber, a former police officer and minor league hockey player.”

Biography: Pete Stauber is in his first term representing the 8th Congressional District in U.S. Congress. Pete served 23 years in law enforcement and retired as an Area Commander in the Duluth Police Department. A small business owner and former professional hockey player in the Detroit Red Wings organization, Pete and his wife, Jodi, live with their four children in Hermantown. Jodi is an Iraq war veteran, who retired from the 148th Fighter Wing as the First female Command Chief in the history of the unit.