Growing up in Duluth as one of six brothers playing hockey at the neighborhood rink, Pete Stauber knows how to fight back. A former professional hockey player and retired police officer of 23 years, Pete refuses to give in or give up.

Our Congressman

Elected in 2018, Pete didn’t go to Congress to get along and be a career politician. Tough, independent, and principled, Pete is working to get things done for Minnesota families. Pete continues to be a strong advocate for northern Minnesotan by working to unleash the economic engine and generate good-paying jobs that provide hope and opportunity to Minnesotans and the communities where they live.

Pete wants to keep our economy moving with pro-growth policies that put American workers first. He is fighting to make health care more affordable and accessible for everyone – including those with pre-existing conditions rather than abolishing employer-provided health care through a $33 trillion Medicare for All scheme. He is promoting responsible mining and manufacturing rather than supporting a socialist agenda centered around a $93 trillion Green New Deal that bans everything from cows to cars. Pete continues to champion 2nd Amendment rights and pro-life efforts that help weave the fiber of who he is.

A Fighter from the Start

After graduating from Duluth Denfeld High School and receiving a Division I hockey scholarship, Pete led Lake Superior State University to a national championship in 1988. The highlight of the championship season for Pete was a trip to the White House where he and his teammates visited with President Ronald Reagan, one of Pete’s heroes.

Pete was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings and played in one of the most historic franchises in the National Hockey League. After retiring from professional hockey, Pete returned to Minnesota where he helped start a family business and served more than two decades in law enforcement. Pete’s experience in the Duluth Police Department solidified his view that we need both safer communities and protection for responsible, law-abiding gun owners. During the years of his service as a police officer, Pete was the victim of two violent gun crimes, on- and off-duty. In 1995, he was shot in the head while off-duty by a criminal with multiple past offenses. A few years later, a suspect pulled the trigger at point-blank range and, by the grace of God, the gun malfunctioned.

Pete has a long history of fighting for our way of life. He served both as the President of the Law Enforcement Labor Services Union, Local 363 and as an Area Commander with the Duluth Police Department. After 22 years of service with the department, Pete retired in August, 2017.

Pete’s Family

Pete’s wife, Jodi, is an Iraq War Veteran. She was the 148th Fighter Wing’s first female Command Chief and retired in 2010 after more than 20 years of service. Jodi was also previously involved with the Minnesota Air National Guard Yellow Ribbon Program, helping military members reintegrate into civilian life.

Pete and Jodi currently reside in Hermantown where they are raising four children – Levi, Luke, Isaac, and Addilynn.